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Hackney Pop-Up Shop - Why I Would love to do another Pop-up in the near future.

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

To art lovers and art collectors -

Art and Patterns is my "Hub of Creativity', it's my online portfolio of handmade art and earring projects. Art has a positive effect on our mental welfare. I believe everyone can be creative, and find inspiration from viewing all types of art. I also blog to flex my writing muscles and practise my research abilities.

I create colourful abstract collages for your visual stimulation and blog to give you useful information.



  • We were lucky to have a mix of local and overseas tourist

  • Flexibility of space -we were there for two weeks

  • Very low setting up costs.

  • Team effort - workload spread amongst the group

  • Face to face with a mix of customers interested in arts and craft.

  • Group effort in social media promotions- Instagram, Facebook etc


I loved taking part in a POP-UP event in Hackney last year. As a new creative making my own handmade glass jewellery, original collage art and thinking about the surface pattern designs I wanted to create using Illustrator, I used the opportunity to build up my email list, gain confidence in selling my artwork to a totally different group of customers and tested out some of the new creations and designs to get an idea of what interested the buying public and contemporary artlovers.

The buying customers definitely wanted Art and Home accessories that were colourful, but I also noticed that, during the conversations a lot of customers made emotional connections when talking about the colour of some on my products.

One customer bought a blue pair of glass bead earrings that I handmade, to go with a dress that had been set aside for weeks, in anticipation of a party she hoped to go to. Blue turns out to be the #colour she liked to wear to parties. She also liked a touch of gold. The earrings I made by hand happen to be blue with a touch of gold foil running through them !- nice sale there.

A young man was interested in an Art piece of mine and described it as being "bright like the sun", saying the colours cheered him up in the morning and the moment also happened to be the first piece of contemporary Art he bought for his first Flat. He was specifically after an art piece that created a bright positive mood and had lots of colour. My carnival inspired polychromatic Giclee print - Carnival Sun Dance below, did the trick for him.

Here is a link to a cool infographics on 'How Colours affect purchases'- by Neil Patel.

There has been a wide range of research on this subject and an internet search will bring up lots of Books, Blogs and reference material if you want to delve deeper into understanding the subjects of 'art and colour' or 'consumer shopping and colour psychology'

I find creating my colourful textile and surface design patterns for my Home Decor products , I use a combination of instinct, historical references, insights and moodboards to arrive at a pleasing result that captures the visual eye of the buyer.

Creating my contemporary art pieces is more personal, there is a depth of research that goes into producing my polychromatic artwork, and I have found myself getting a better understanding of how to use acrylics paints and working on colour blending to produce good tones across my work.

Because colour is so subjective, I have found that this is one element that can be used to engage the eye of contemporary art and craft lovers and in doing so draw them into your creative journey.

If you create Art/Design/Craft - Let me know how you use colour within your work and if you have noticed how the importance of colour, weaves through the conversations you have with you customers?



We only have one week left at The Hackney Shop, 99 Morning Lane, Hackney, E9 6ND,

Mon - Fri 12-8pm.

Have met some really lovely Londoners, so enjoying this Pop-up.

We are here till 12th Aug 20

@492artscollective @cinnamonandbrown @janeseas_arts

This was my first venture into setting up an Arts and Craft Pop-up Shop which I did with the 492 Arts Collective and other creatives. Setting up was an exciting event for all of us.

We had the venue for two weeks and filled it with all our creativity. There was of course contemporary artwork, earrings, handmade cards, art prints, books, bags, crafts and mugs.

The venue happened to be in a prime spot in Hackney on Morning Lane E9 right next to the famous fashion factory shops.

This was great for us because weekends provided the highest footfall, of which we took advantage.

Our collective aim was to raise awareness about our individual art and craft practice, some were launching new handmade products, some were looking into collaborations for the future, build up the email list and all of us were there to sell our handmade arts and crafts.

Will definitely consider Pop-ups in the future.

Dee - 2018




My blog is for all you art-lovers of colourful mixed-media abstract art, collage art and all things creative.
I blog about my creative journey, materials, colour and inspirational sources that feed my artistic creativity. 
Art and Patterns is my creative hub and blog.. I hope you find some inspiration when you read through the blog.


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