Standing United 2018 by Dee Lawrence.jpg

Standing United 2018

Medium- Acrylic, Paper on Canvas 

 Original ArtWork

Creating contemporary abstract collage art  has been a  journey for me and 'Art and Patterns'  is my creative hub for all that I make, giving you an insight into my creativity and inspiration. I am a Visual Artist, currently producing a collection of  Original Paper-based Contemporary and Abstract Art, Mixed Media, Colourful Giclee Prints and Jewellery.

I would describe my paper-based artworks as Contemporary and Abstract Art  driven by the need for colourful expression and is a self developed contemporary process.

I deconstruct Acrylic poured polychromatic paper and manipulate these paper strips across blank canvas to produce a discovery of abstraction, colour, texture and movement.

My current collection 'Polychromatic Linear Motility'  is carnival inspired and I am exploring colour interaction and movement expressed across the 2D canvas.

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