'Polychromatic Linear Motility'

My current abstract collection celebrates the colours, activity and movement of peoples during carnival.  My aim with this collection is to transmit an emotional narrative to the viewer via deconstructed  colour and  paper interplay on canvas.

Plain, textured and polychromatic  paper strips are hand wrapped and manipulated on the surface of canvases to create linear, weaving and kaleidoscopic movement exploring colour, space and line through and abstract composition.


I use paper as material because to me paper represents people and the interaction they have with the colourful man-made and natural environments during carnival. Polychromatic  colours can be read as the human emotions expressed and seen during Carnival. The Block colours equate to the man-made environment.

In this collection of artworks I have transformed blank canvases to a vibrant melee of abstraction, colour, texture and movement by deconstructing paper-based acrylic pours.

I see my work as paper-based process-driven Abstract Art falling into the space of Contemporary Art.  

D. Lawrence

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