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Art: Colour, Abstraction and Collage - Unleash your Creativity

Welcome to my Blog - Art and Patterns

Welcome to, your one-stop art hub for exploring the exciting world of colour, paper-based collage, abstraction and patterns!. 

I create paper based collage Whether you're a seasoned artist or a curious beginner, this blog is designed to ignite your creative fire and empower you to express yourself through art.

Dive into a World of Colour

A colourful display of socks in a retail setting
Colour play for Retail display.- DL

Colour is a fundamental element of art and design, with the power to evoke emotions, tell stories, and create visual interest.  Across a series of blog posts we will delve into the how and why colour is used by artists to express their creativity. Learn how to use colour theory to create specific moods in your artwork, explore the symbolism behind different colours, and discover how collage artists throughout history have harnessed the power of colour to create masterpieces.

The Magic of Paper-Based Collage

blue and yellow Hand painted papers cut into strips ready for collage
blue and yellow Hand painted papers cut into strips ready for collage

Paper-based collage is an incredibly versatile and accessible art form. In our "Collage Techniques & Inspiration" series,  you will be guided through everything you need to know to get started with mixed-media collage. Discover different collage techniques, explore unique materials like recycled paper and fabric scraps, and find inspiration from renowned collage artists. 

Demystifying Abstraction

A pile of silvery grey scattered sand
A pile of silvery grey scattered sand

Abstract art can be intimidating at first, but it's also incredibly liberating! In our "Beyond the Brushstroke: Understanding Abstraction" series, we'll unpack the core principles of abstraction. We'll explore different movements within abstract art, from geometric abstraction to action painting, and provide insightful analysis of iconic abstract pieces. With a deeper understanding of abstraction, you'll feel empowered to experiment and create your own unique abstract masterpieces. 

Unleash Your Inner Pattern Master

A Herringbone patterns of pavement bricks - London- DL -
A Herringbone patterns of pavement bricks - London- DL

Patterns are everywhere in nature and art, providing a sense of order and rhythm. Using the primary research medium of photography , you will be  guided through the beautiful visual world of pattern. Learn how to identify patterns in everyday objects, explore different types of patterns (geometric, organic, tessellations), and discover techniques for creating stunning patterns in your artwork. 

Colour, Abstraction, Patterns, Collage Art is just a taste of what you'll find on  I am passionate about empowering artists of all levels to explore their creativity. So, subscribe to our newsletter, unleash your inner artist and let's embark on this artistic journey together!

Ready to take action? Visit blog pages to explore high-quality, informative articles and unique content to fuel your next creative masterpiece. We can't wait to see what you create!

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My blog is for all you art-lovers of colourful mixed-media abstract art, collage art and all things creative.
I blog about my creative journey, materials, colour and inspirational sources that feed my artistic creativity. 
Art and Patterns is my creative hub and blog.. I hope you find some inspiration when you read through the blog.


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