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Benefits in Joining an Art Collective and Participating in Group Exhibitions and Art Shows.

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

To art lovers and art collectors -

Art and Patterns is my "Hub of Creativity', it's my online portfolio of handmade art and earring projects. Art has a positive effect on our mental welfare. I believe everyone can be creative, and find inspiration from viewing all types of art. I also blog to flex my writing muscles and practise my research abilities.

I create colourful abstract collages for your visual stimulation and blog to give you useful information.


Gaining Confidence

One of the joys of creating colourful abstract art is when the hard work is done and the big reveal arrives in the form of the 'Exhibition' nerves get the better of you, friends and family give you support and of course you hope everybody enjoys and appreciates your creative efforts.

Taking that first step to showing you artwork can be daunting and you could do with constant motivation, support and backup. There is no better way of doing this than with friends who are on the same artistic journey and forming an Art Collective or Art Group with other visual artists, just for specific exhibitions or as a long term program.

Without Fear

Kofi of Kofi Arts ran a summer program of drawing classes for those who wanted to brush up on their drawing skills from an African-centred perspective. The classes were geared to anybody who wanted to gained confidence in drawing Black bodies. These classes really opened up my eyes to the different colours, tones, textures, forms and lines existing within and across the black body.

We were able to appreciate the body without fear, from our own inabilities to express what we see and over time we came to understand the interplay of light, shadows, tonal values and using 5 construction lines to create bodies and faces from the models who posed for us.

We must have been producing some good artwork and I think our teacher sensed that we needed another push for our artistic confidence. He connected up with the owner of Monate Gallery and before we knew it, our art group known as 492 Art Collective, was on its way to doing a group exhibition.

Our group was formed from a mix of artists all producing works of different personal art styles - abstract, figurative, graphic, mixed-media, collage, and modern using pencil, paints and mixed mediums.

We all worked together with the generous and bubbly gallery owner to produce a successful Group Exhibition, below are some of the benefits we found we got from participating in Group Exhibitions.

Benefits of group exhibitions for the artist -

  • There will be more artists in the group to spread the workload.

  • The collaborations will show up individual strengths and the variety of practical and marketing skills hidden within the group.

  • Social media will be spread across a larger number of prospects and multiplied across everybodies accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc, allowing for a wider audience reach.

  • The email list will also be increased and so a wider pool of art lovers will be reached.

  • Costs and expenses will be shared amongst the group so lowering the expenses burden if this was done as an individual exhibition.

  • Preview night will be a good opportunity to network with unique visitors, art lovers, promote yourself and your art and even make a sale.

  • Good way for you to test the art market, get feedback on your artistic creativity and test the waters for a solo show in the future.

  • Teamwork and communication skills will improve - you will gain more experience and confidence in your abilities as an Artist.

  • You show fewer art pieces than if you had to do your own Solo Art Show - Typically you show from one to six art pieces.


You will interact with different art members and gained confidence in communicating with a wide range of art members, art lovers and visitors to the exhibition. You will also develop an appreciation in recognising your own strengths and weaknesses as well as that of other members of the Art group. You may find that you may become more focussed on you art practice because of positive feedback.

There will be lots you will take away and learn from if you participate in an Art Group/Collective so take the plunge if an opportunity for a Group Art Exhibitions comes up.



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