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3 Easy Ways to Connect With Abstract Artists (Creating Art You Love)

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

To art lovers and art collectors -

Art and Patterns is my "Hub of Creativity', it's my online portfolio of handmade art and earring projects. Art has a positive effect on our mental welfare. I believe everyone can be creative, and find inspiration from viewing all types of art. I also blog to flex my writing muscles and practise my research abilities.

I create colourful abstract collages for your visual stimulation and blog to give you useful information.

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Imagine connect with the artist

You love the effort artists put into creating art and want to make contact with artists. You have blank wall spaces, in the living room, bedroom and office. Now is the time to take the plunge, connect with artists and fill your walls with art. In these days of global isolation, the best way to learn about the artist and make contact is to go online. Viewing artists' online portfolios and online exhibitions is a positive way of maintaining your emotional well-being. It is also a good way to be positive for the future. So here are 3 easy steps to take to connect with the artists and the work they are creating during days of isolation due to COVID-19.

1. Visit the artists' website - it's free ( have a look through mine)

You can get to know an artist and their approach to creating art when you visit the artists' website.

If you know the name of the artist or the website, great, you can do a search and scroll through their website to get an understanding of how and why they create their work.

View their portfolios and online exhibitions to get a sense of their art style.

You learn more about the art process and understand why certain materials are used by the artist.

Be active across the website by

  • subscribing to newsletters

  • joining membership groups

  • adding yourself to email lists

  • Browsing the art portfolio

  • Buying Art

Get your name onto the artists' email list to receive artists newsletters, art sales, discounts, and opening offers.

All these actions allow you to stay connected to the artist and their work.

Artist’s like to interact with art lovers and art collectors and our websites are great visual tools for you if we cannot physically meet you. View our websites to keep up to date on what type of art we are creating.

If the artists' website is the central hub, our social media sites are our visual and vocal spaces where you may be able to see and hear us in action.

Our creative and visual content can be found on a variety social media sites,

Use social media sites to follow your favourite artists and keep up to date with their latest artwork.

Instagram is the visual window for artists and is great for images of artists' work in progress and completed works available for sale.

Artists who use Instagram allow you to have a visual window to their creativity. You should connect with artists on Instagram and discover lots of different art styles and artists.

Search out artists' Facebook pages and Facebook groups to gain further information about them. Some artists run quizzes, offer prizes and create online exhibitions.

We announce our physical and online exhibition dates. Use Facebook to engage with us when we offer workshops or make announcements about our art events.

Twitter is a useful source for announcements and shout-outs relating to artists' online events and sales offers on their website. Follow the artists' twitter account for updates.

Pinterest is another visual media space where you can find curated collections of art by artists. You are able to pin your favourite image to create your own collection or wishlist list of your future art collections.

3. Read the artists' Blog to increase your knowledge about their practice

The third way to discover an artists' creative style is through their blog. Artist use blogging to keep you aware of their thoughts, progress and studio art practice.

Benefits of reading the artists' blog means you get to understand...

  • the artist philosophy

  • what mediums and materials we use and why

  • why and how the artwork was created

  • our creative process

  • why we work in a particular art style

Artists blogs helps you art lovers and collectors to connect with us artists so please enjoy reading our blogs.

So this is the end my art friend...

Thank you for getting to the end with me.

I blog to encourage you, to connect with me and other artists, discover the art you love and eventually buy some art for your beautiful spaces and well-being.

So go ahead get online and search out artists, follow them via their social media sites and link back to their website.

Read our blogs in between your spare moments

Feel free to commission artwork that sparks your interest and will look good in your interior spaces.

And share our artwork with other art lovers.

Connect with me on Instagram , Facebook or Twitter.



Feed Your Art Knowledge so Art Feeds You

I create colourful abstract collage wall art using acrylic paints and papers, inspired by my life experiences.

You develop your own interpretation and connections with my work.

Let the Art be a conversation starter.

You can view my latest Original Abstract Artwork -

Contact me if you are interested in purchasing my Artwork.



My blog is for all you art-lovers of colourful mixed-media abstract art, collage art and all things creative.
I blog about my creative journey, materials, colour and inspirational sources that feed my artistic creativity. 
Art and Patterns is my creative hub and blog.. I hope you find some inspiration when you read through the blog.


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